V-CON 2012 | Nuevas bandas reveladas

Ya hay mas y nueva información sobre el nuevo evento de videojuegos que está causando expectación entre la comunidad gamer y estoy hablando de la V-CON, quienes nos han revelado nuevas bandas que estarán en el evento.

Como bien saben ya les habíamos comentado que estaban confirmados para el evento Goichi Suda y Akira Yamaoka, pero ahora se revelaron nuevas bandas que asistirán al evento y son:

  • Sushi Island
  • Disasterpeace
  • Minibosses

Este anuncio se dio mediante su cuenta de Facebook y así seguirán llegando las noticias mientras mas likes tenga su página de Facebook mas noticias revelaran, pero ¿Quiénes son las bandas?, a continuación les dejo un video de cada banda para que conozcan su trabajo, disfrútenlo.



Y para terminar les dejo un video de Sushi Island, quien colabora con nosotros para hacer el intro y la banda sonora que próximamente tendremos en el programa In Motion que se lleva a cabo todos los viernes, disfrútenlo.

Recuerden que V-CON se llevará a cabo el 16, 17 y 18 de Noviembre en la ciudad de Querétaro, así que manténganse atentos de todas las sorpresas que les tenemos preparados, ¿Qué les parecieron las bandas?


Una respuesta a “V-CON 2012 | Nuevas bandas reveladas

  1. I was gonna go off on how much I hated Bonkers in the Sewers. How it failed to imerpss from that download page that had my pop-up blocker working overtime, the auto-hyperlinked File and the fact that the download link itself is hidden A FONT SIZE SMALLER in the corner. But, I figured if this game were good enough to be featured on Bytejacker it\’ll be worth it. And then it wasn\’t. In complete, unbeatable, and the one power-up worth purchasing you have the money for before you start? What kind of stupid you don\’t even have to play for that?I don\’t mind a game being released as a demo, but a demo featured on Bytejacker? That doesn\’t even bring anything new to the table? I\’m disappointed in you guys for featuring it. What? Do you have some contractual obligation to feature a game from the popenkast every few weeks? The go back and feature BooM. This game was not worth it.The other two I liked alright., neither of them really jumped out and said vote for me. I liked little rocket alright. Relaxing guitar music and particle based gravity physics? What\’s not to love? Managed to get all 18 star the first time I played and Laurence, if you just land on one of the many flagged planets you get refueled, so it\’s not that difficult.But in the end my vote went for Paradox Embraced because I appreciate how imerpssive making levels that fold in on themselves this way is, tho I don\’t think they went quite far enough with it. There was one level where it looked like the level was upside down and I thought Are they going to add the ability to flip the map on top of flipping between time zones? That\’d be mindwarpingly awesome! But they didn\’t. What about changing something in the past having an effect on the future? Nope. And I agree that the storyline just kinda went thppt. I mean, why is he able to flip between time zones? Why do those treasures defeat the baddy at the end? I suppose little rocket didn\’t do any better, tho little rocket didn\’t need to, I guess, the was Paradox Embraced did, tho I don\’t know why. Still, and it was close between this and little rocket, for the cartography aspect alone, my vote went to Paradox Embraced.


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